1. Administration

    The Village Administrator supervises the administration of all Village departments, offices and agencies.

  2. Assessor

    The Village Tax Assessor values all real and personal property in the Village for the purpose of assessments and taxation in accordance with general law.

  3. Building Department / Code Enforcement

    Get to know the functions of this department and browse all the legal Building Department forms.

  4. Clerk's Office

    The Office of the Village Clerk plays an integral role in our municipal government. Browse the duties of the Village Clerk and read Registrar and vital statistics information.

  5. Engineering / Zoning

    The Village Engineer is also the Zoning Officer. He reviews all matters that are to be heard by either the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

  6. Finance Department

    The Purchasing Agent is responsible for the acquisition of all materials, supplies, equipment and construction needed by the Village and on the most advantageous terms resulting from competitive bidding; advertises for bids; presides at bid openings; maintains records of purchases and deliveries and performs all duties in accordance with the Public Contracts Law and Regulations thereof.

  7. Fire Department

    The motto of the South Orange Fire Department is "We are here to serve and protect you."

  8. Department of Health and Animal Control

    Contact the health department with questions about animal control, environmental health, and adult health.

  9. Information Technology

    Typically, IT is used in the context of enterprise operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. The commercial use of IT encompasses both computer technology and telephony.

  10. Library


  11. Municipal Court

    View the hours of operation for the court and violations bureaus and how to pay your parking tickets online.

  12. Office of Emergency Management

    The South Orange Office of Emergency Management coordinates the plans and operations of the various components of the emergency management system - police and fire, emergency medical service, public works, volunteers and other groups contributing to the management of emergencies.

  13. Parking Authority

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  14. Public Works

    Village matters relating to streets and sewers, general maintenance and engineering are under the authority of the Department of Public Works. Administration of established policies is the responsibility of the Village Administrator with the assistance of the Village Engineer and the Director of Public Works.

  15. Police Department

    The South Orange Police Department is a dynamic, full-service police organization committed to providing the highest level of service and protection to South Orange Village.

  16. Recreation & Cultural Affairs

    The Baird, center for the South Orange Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs, is both a recreational hub as well as an arts destination for the whole family.

  17. South Orange Rescue Squad

    South Orange Rescue Squad

  18. Tax Collector

    Familiarize yourself with tax due dates, pay your taxes online, and view tax collector contact information.