Investigative Division

The South Orange Police Department has numerous areas of responsibility that require advanced training and skills to perform. These areas extend beyond the need for immediate emergency response and interaction, and are vital to the safety and well-being of the community. Such functions range from the routine to the critical in nature and therefore require personnel and resources suited to accommodate such needs.

The Investigative Division is made up of detectives and supervisors selected by the Chief of Police to serve as needed in all phases of advanced investigation and detection. The division is comprised of three primary areas which include the Detective Bureau, the Juvenile Aid Bureau and the Administrative Investigations Unit. Detective Personnel are assigned duties based upon their particular skills and areas of expertise, and each detective is capable of performing all functions as needed based upon the daily needs of the police department.
  1. Administrative Services

    The Investigative Division is charged with many functions beyond criminal and juvenile justice. Detectives are utilized to perform administrative investigations and background checks for a variety of reasons that serve the department and the township.

  2. Detective Bureau

    The Detective Bureau is the core unit of the Investigative Division, and its functions involve the investigation of criminal activity and the prosecution of alleged defendants.

  3. Firearms Applicants

    Become familiar with guidelines for firearms applicants and find all the permits you need.

  4. Juvenile Aid Bureau

    The Juvenile Aid Bureau handles all incidents and issues that involve persons who are under the age of eighteen and unemancipated. This includes all criminal incidents with juvenile offenders or victims, and also many non-criminal matters that require police intervention.