Public Works

The Township of South Orange Village’s Department of Public Works are a professionally dedicated team supporting the Township’s infrastructure, maintenance, and repairs of all Township roadway, municipal grounds and buildings, parks, recycling, street signs, sewers, and municipal owned trees.  The Department under Director Tom Michetti, is dedicated to making effective use of Township resources to provide the community with an enhanced quality of living, partnering with the Engineering and Police Departments to ensuring a safe and well maintained environment that residents can be proud to call home.  The DPW is committed to quality assurance when addressing resident concerns and continues to make strides in partnering with the community.
  1. Recycling

    Recycling uses less energy, creating fewer toxins and reducing the carbon footprint into the environment. The Township of South Orange uses the single-stream recycling method, allowing all recyclable items to be placed in the same container without sorting.

  2. Roadways

    There are 42 miles of roadway maintained by the DPW in addition to four county roads that run through the community.

  3. Sewer

    The Sewer division of the department is responsible for managing 51 miles of sanitary sewers and 28 miles of storm sewers. Additionally there are also 1,050 catch basins maintained by the department.

  4. Shade Tree/Compost

    The Shade Tree Division is responsible for trimming, removing, planting and caring for 10,000 shade trees in the public right of way and public parks. There is also approximately 75 acres of parkland maintained by the Department of Public Works.

  5. Water

    Since 1996 the Village’s water operations and water supply have been the responsibility of the East Orange Water Commission (EOWC).

  6. Seasonal Information

    The DPW organizes seasonal collections of leaves and branches for our residents throughout the year. The department also responds to inclement weather conditions by salting, plowing, and clearing debris.

Recycling Depot Hours for Resident Access

Tuesday & Thursday 8am-4pm

Saturday 8am-12pm

Current Events

South Orange will host a final electronic disposal event for the residents of South Orange and Maplewood.  It will be held at the Public Works facility on Walton Avenue Saturday, December 17th from 8am to 12noon.  Proof of residency will be required. 

Snow Season

Snow season is upon us and preparations have been made by the Public Works Department to ensure it is managed efficiently for the safety of residents and visitors of South Orange.  Please avoid parking on streets during storms to allow for plowing curb to curb.  If you are parked on the street during a storm you are expected to clear the area around your vehicle.  It is advised not to shovel snow on to the streets as it is unlawful and may result in fines. 


Leaf Season
Leaf Season has concluded for the 2016 calendar year.  If residents have additional leaves to dispose of they may bring them to the recycling facility on days it is open to the public (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).  Placing leaves curbside after the collection season is a violation of town ordinances. Commercial plates will not be permitted on to the property.   

As a reminder to residents plastic bags are not to be placed in recycling toters due to recycling regulations.  This includes foreign objects such as garden hoses, appliances, batteries, hazardous waste etc.  Residents that fail to comply will have their pickups rejected by our processor and generate fees for the Township.​

  1. Tue Dec. 13

  2. Thu Dec. 15

  3. Sat Dec. 17

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