Gallery2 Blue Scarf
The Blue Scarf Collective: Art in the Time of Resistance
May 10- June 17
Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 10, 6-9pm
Gallery Hours M-Th 11-4pm & by appointment

The Blue Scarf Collective members and guest artist Diana Fine feature their latest work in this era of resistance. This group of feminists believes that art should be used to promote social justice, change and empowerment - especially for the disenfranchised.

Exhibiting members are Nancy Cook, Heather Hamilton, Samar Hussaini, Sarah Klein, Danielle Masters, Jennifer McClory, Sherry Sacks and Cat Tate Starmer.  Diana Fine is the special guest and featured artist in the show. Heather Hamilton and Sherry Sacks are the curators.  Blue Scarf Collective members are all local women who burst onto the creative scene last October with their inaugural pop-up show, Breaking the Static.

Art in the Time of Resistance will kick off the annual South Orange Maplewood Artists Studio Tour, which takes place 11am -5pm Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4, 2017 throughout South Orange and Maplewood. During the studio tour, The Blue Scarf Collective artists will present the Button Resist Project, a hands on activity for people of all ages to design their own wearable message buttons. Donations will benefit the Rain Foundation of Essex County. www.studiotoursoma.org

Art in the Time of Resistance features light installations, photography, illustration, painting, fiber art, printmaking, and sculpture.  Guest artist, photographer and SOMA resident, Diana Fine will exhibit a series of portraits that address norms related to beauty and power, specifically in the globally pervasive yet toxic practice of skin bleaching to attain the desired "whitening".

Annual Exhibition of Artists Books by Members of
March 17 – April 22, 2017

10:00-4:00 daily, closed Sundays and April 14
OPENING RECEPTION March 18th 2-4pm

...at the Pierro Gallery at the Baird
5 Mead Street, South Orange NJ 07079

FREE Book Art demonstrations:

March 25th, Sat., 2-3:30 - Shari Seltzer
Artist Books with Everyday Materials

March 29th, Wed., 1-2:30 - Suzie Tuchman
Creating an Artist Book

April 5th, Wed., 10-11:30 - Debbie Livingston
The Star Book

April 12th, Wed., 10- 11:30 - Susan Topper,
Elaine Golt Gongora and Melabee Miller
The Meander Book: Making a book with one sheet of paper.

All demonstrations will take place at the Pierro Gallery.

January 25 - March 4, 2017

Opening: Wednesday, January 25, 7pm-9pm

Art Talk: Wednesday, February 15, Pierro Gallery 7pm-9pm, featuring Catherine Delett, Betsy Meyer-Donadio  and Ann Vollum, moderated by Stephanie Damiano and Mahmoud Elbehairy. The Pierro Gallery of South Orange

The Baird Center
5 Mead Street, South Orange, NJ 07079
Monday- Thursday 11-4pm & by appointment

Co-curators Stephanie Damiano and Mahmoud El- Behairy, graduate students of Seton Hall University’s Museum Professions program, invite you to visit the Pierro Gallery to see 15 artists who use varied materials and methods to produce art that combines words with images. The artists use an assortment of styles and techniques including paintings, collages and installations to realize their visions. The use of words and letters in these artworks creates layers of meaning that adds to the spiritual and cultural content of each work.

Exhibiting artists come from all over the United States with a good representation of local and NJ artists as well. Artists include: Amber Eve Anderson, Alyssa Bogdan, Catherine Delett, Naomi Dwyer, Hannah Epstein, Adam Farcus, Leah Anne Floyd, Nicole Foran, Donni Later, Malik Lloyd, Ginny Martin, Betsy Meyer-Donadio, Heidi Sussman, Michael Teters, Kim Schmitt Thomas, and Ann Vollum    

The artists all differ in their approaches. For example, South Orange artist Ann Vollum creates book based works with imaginary beasts and added text and Ease Orange artist Heidi Sussman uses photography to create digital images with text found from her grandmother’s journals.

An Artist’s Talk will be held on February 15th at 7pm.  Featured artists will be Catherine Delett, Betsy Meyer-Donadio and Michael Teters, moderated by the curators Stephanie Damiano and Mahmoud Elbehairy.

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My Sense of Place
A Community Addendum to the Exhibition, A Sense of Place: Kiki and Seton Smith
Artists and community members were asked to share artwork and images that defined their personal sense of place. The works are in response to an exhibition at the Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, in South Orange, New Jersey, featuring the work of Kiki and Seton Smith.
Artists include:
Luz Aguba, Olga Alexander, Quinn Barnitt, Marianne Barcellona, Aileen Bassis, Alisa Berlin, Shannon Bryan, Amanda Burns-Elhassouni, Cameron Calder, Mary Jean Canziani, Elyse Carter, Ana Cowie, Betsy Meyer Donadio, Sofia Donald, Joshua Ewing, Luciano Fileti, Norma Greenwood, Emily Glynn, Ellen Hanauer, Lauren Henry, Anna Herbst, Imani Hudson, Sara Klar, Elisa Leung, Laura Lou Levy, Kathryn McGinley, Nancy Nikkal, Meredith Olin, Lily Sickles, Leonel Soares, Jane Sterrett, Kelly Vetter, Skyler Hurdle, Talia Rhinehart, Turner Andrasz, Vivi Charlap
My Sense of Place is a collaboration of the Pierro Foundation, Seton Hall University's Walsh Gallery, the Pierro Gallery, and the South Orange/Maplewood Public Schools. This outreach is in conjunction with the exhibition, A Sense of Place featuring works by Kiki and Seton Smith, produced by the Pierro Foundation at the Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University.
Prints of selected artists’ work can be seen at the Pierro Gallery, 5 Mead Street, South Orange, NJ. All works can be seen digitally above, at the South Orange Public Library digital art installation, 65 Scotland Rd, South Orange, NJ 07079, and at the Seton Hall Walsh Gallery website, and via the Pierro Foundation website.

Karen McDermott2

The Book Arts Roundtable will have two exhibitions on display in the Pierro Gallery December 8 – 19th during gallery hours, Monday – Thursday 11am-4pm and by appointment.

A Day in the Life is a collaborative piece presented in the graphic novel format. Each participant tells their story in black and white, taking us through the day, from dark to light and back to dark. This dramatic work is presented in the form of a long accordion book that will stretch along the entire length of one wall. 
Despoliation: the action of despoiling or the condition of being despoiled is the theme of the second exhibition. BAR members were given the same size substrate and asked to create a piece based on the theme. The substrates are scored, creating panels that may be used as book pages or wall pieces. The possibilities for exploration of this timely theme are many.
A gallery talk about the exhibitions will be Saturday December 10 from 2:30 – 4:00.

Wednesday, November 2, - Saturday, December 3, 2016
Opening Reception, Wednesday, November 2, at 7-9pm
The Pierro Gallery of South Orange
The Baird Center
5 Mead Street, South Orange, NJ 07079
Monday- Thursday 11-4pm & by appointment

“Know Your Place”- an idiom often used to keep people from challenging the status quo, seems particularly relevant in this election cycle just as one national party has for the first time in US history nominated a woman as a candidate for President while the opposing party's nominee stands charged with racism, bigotry and misogyny.   Curators Raleigh Ceasar and Sandy Martiny investigate the ways artists have responded to the election issues regarding race and feminism. Artists include: Aileen Bassis, Luis Alves Collage, Ronald Freeman, Evelyn Graves, Ruth Hardinger, Nette Forne Thomas, Trix Rosen, Florence Weisz, and Charmaine Wheatley.

The work pictured above is part of a series by artist Charmaine Wheatley. "30% Of Buffalo... Is Functionally Illiterate" features portraits of adult learners and tutors from Literacy Volunteers of Western New York and Erie County whose stories provide insight into how the ability to read can impact lives. One in three residents in Buffalo, NY is functionally illiterate. On a national level, between 41% and 44% of adults with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty. 60% of prison inmates are illiterate. 76% of adults on public assistance are illiterate or unable to read more than the simplest of texts.*

POL!T!CO is a collaboration showcasing four local arts organizations: SOPAC, The Pierro Gallery of South Orange, Arts Unbound and Valley ARts Firehouse Gallery.

This four-part exhibit gives artists a voice in some of the sizeable issues that are informing the 2016 presidential elections. The exhibitions can be enjoyed separately, as well as in conjunction.

POL!T!CO: ART & The Humanities
On view at The Herb & Milly Iris Gallery
September 8 – December 8, 2016
Explores the cultural influence of politics and the humanities through the uses of various mediums of visual art.

Arts Unbound, 544 Freeman St. Orange, NJ 07050
October 20 – November 19, 2016
Opening reception: Thursday, October 20, 5pm to 8pm, Special screening of Jason DaSilva’s video, When We Walk, at 7pm
Explores political issues that impact people living with disabilities.

Firehouse Gallery, 580 Forest St, Orange, NJ.
October 20 – November 13, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday October 20 7 to 9pm
Explores the role of money in politics.

POL!T!CO Images