Village President Sheena C. Collum

Sheena Collum is a 12-year resident of South Orange and was elected in May 2013 to serve on the Board of Trustees. She currently Chairs the Public Safety Committee, and serves as a member on the Legal and Personnel Committee and the Planning and Zoning Committee.

Prior to being elected, Sheena was active in various village-related capacities for several years. She was the co-founder and chairperson of the Citizens Public Safety Committee (CPSC), where she successfully spearheaded events including the town’s annual National Night Out and hosting a charity golf tournament that raised $28,000 to support the volunteer rescue squad. During her tenure, the CPSC was proactive in organizing community meetings with local law enforcement, raising funding to support initiatives such as Downtown After Sundown, and publishing and distributing an electronic public safety newsletter. Sheena has also volunteered for the Village’s Public Information and Marketing Committee, Charter Review Committee, Community Emergency Response Team, and former Main Street South Orange.

Professionally, Sheena is the Executive Director of the American Planning Association - New Jersey Chapter, a statewide planning organization whose mission is to help build stronger communities and provide more choices for how people work and live while meeting the challenges of both growth and change. In her role, Sheena works regularly with local and state officials, professional and nonprofit organizations, and state and federal agencies on arrange of public policy issues affecting New Jersey’s municipalities including smart growth, state and regional planning, transportation, sustainability, economic development, redevelopment and affordable housing.

Sheena is a proud alumnus of Seton Hall University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and a Masters Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in public policy. As president of the Seton Hall University student body and as founder of the Village Liaisons Committee, Sheena concentrated her work on collaborative town-gown initiatives such as the Pirate Pride Campaign, SHUFly shuttle, the Pirates Gold Card, a community hotline, SHU 500 “Community Day,” and series of volunteer opportunities for students throughout South Orange. In recognition of her service, she was named Alumni of the Year.