The Baird Preschool is a program for South Orange and Maplewood children 3 through 5 years of age.  Having met strict physical site and program content requirements, The Baird Preschool is licensed by the State of New Jersey.

Our enthusiastic staff has developed a program that combines educational and recreational activities to provide your child with a balanced preschool experience.  While allowing for and encouraging positive social interaction, the children learn the basics of counting, alphabets, colors and shapes.  A variety of motor coordination, music, dance and art activities are combined to develop both fine and gross motor skills, as well as rhythm and creativity.  Introduction to computer skills are accomplished through the use of age appropriate games on each of the preschool computers.  Although each day is planned, the children are allowed some time of their own to explore their favorite activities. The entire staff works together to provide your child with a well-rounded educational and recreational preschool experience.

Registration forms and complete program details, including registration dates, application deadlines and fees for the next program year, can be obtained at The Baird and online HERE