Posted on: February 22, 2018

The Baird Community Center Renovations Survey


Complete our survey by March 31st and be eligible to win a prize!

The Baird Community Center is a 100 year-old, Tudor-style building located on Mead Street in Meadowland Park, near Flood’s Hill, the Duck Pond and Cameron Field. Flanked by tennis and basketball courts, it houses the South Orange Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs, the Pierro Gallery of South Orange, a community theatre, a small gymnasium, printmaking facilities, and rooms that host a variety of activities from art and dance classes, to senior workouts and public meetings.


The Village of South Orange is planning a major renovation of the Baird. The objective of the project will be to improve and update this community space to meet the present and future needs and interests of residents, while maintaining the historic character of the building.


We have created this Community Center Use Survey to help us better understand your priorities—how you and your family currently use the Baird’s facilities and programming and, most importantly, how you would like to be able to use them in future.


On April 1st, 3 respondents who complete the full survey will be randomly selected to receive a $25 Amazon gift card as our thank you.


Please click HERE to begin the survey.

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