Posted on: August 17, 2017

Board of Trustees Evaluates Animal Control and Sheltering


On Monday August 14, 2017, The Board of Trustees discussed a few different options for the Village’s animal control service and sheltering.

The discussion was prompted by leaders of SOMA For Animals who presented the Village with a proposal that they had solicited from St. Hubert’s and suggested that "contracting with Saint Hubert’s is more cost-effective" and that "St. Hubert's offers vastly superior services.”

The Village Administration was asked to do a side by side comparison (See Below) of what was presented by residents to verify the services and costs and that the Board of Trustees would be presented this information for discussion. Monday’s Board of Trustee meeting was the first step in sharing information with the full Board and the public. The Board of Trustees’ goals are threefold and in no particular order 1) the humane treatment of animals 2) the  quality of services provided and 3) the cost to taxpayers.

 The table below briefly summarizes the services that would be provided under each option, and provides the projected annual cost for each alternative.   At the Board meeting, a number of questions and issues were raised by the Board and the public.  The Board has directed the Administration to undertake due diligence in further exploring the options and the issues and questions raised.  At the conclusion of Monday night’s discussion, the Village President stated that the matter, and the anticipated new information, would be reviewed again at the September 25, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting,  the public portion of which begins at 8 p.m. and which is held at the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC), 1 SOPAC Way, South Orange, NJ.

Animal Control Options Comparison Matrix
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