Posted on: October 6, 2017

Engineering Department


Resident Notifications
Date: October 6th, 2017
Re: Hartford Road Improvements

Resident Notifications


Date:  October 6th, 2017

Dear Resident:

     We are sending this notice out to you to inform you of the curb/sidewalk/ cobble gutter work that is planned to start next week.

The work will be from 8 am to 4 pm & is planned to take 6-8 weeks, weather permitting.

     As part of the project, the work will consist of drainage improvements, replacing/resetting of the bluestone curbing and cobblestone gutters and a new asphalt driving surface.

     You may notice yellow, blue, green and/ or red spray paint markings in the road and sidewalk area. They are to help locate the respective underground utilities in the area.

     Also, during this time, your driveway access will be limited. Although this can be an inconvenience, we will try to minimize this disruption. During construction, cars will not be allowed to be parked on the road.

     The Contractor will inform you a day prior to your driveway access being limited. If you need to park overnight on the roadway, please contact the South Orange Police Department at 973-763-3000 or the Parking Authority at 973-378-7715 x 2037 and inform them that there is roadwork on your street. It usually takes 1-2 days to get your driveway access back once the material cures

     If you have a sprinkler system near the curb and sidewalk area, please locate them for the Contractor. The Village and Contractor will not be responsible for damages. If damages do occur, please notify me prior to having them repaired.

     Please do not approach or attempt to discuss the project with individual workers as they do not have the authority to make changes to the project scope or perform additional work. 

     Any disturbed areas as a result of the work being performed will be top soiled and seeded.

     Once the curbing is completed, we will then follow up with a schedule for paving which should take 2 days.

If you have questions regarding road closures or specific construction issues, please contact:

Ed Gulyas

South Orange Village Deputy Department Head of Engineering        973-378-7715 x 2266

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