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South Orange Recreation & Cultural Affairs I.D. Badges are available to South Orange residents as of January 1st each year. The Recreation I.D. Badges serve many functions. Among them are:

• Admittance to the South Orange Community Pool
• Admittance to the Summer Playground Program
• Admittance to some Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs programs and activities
• User fee discounts on tennis and platform tennis areas
• Discounts on many programs and activities offered through the Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs

All South Orange residents, regardless of age, who desire full access to the facilities and programs of the Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs, must obtain an I.D. Badge. I.D. Badges must be revalidated and proof of residency provided every year.

I.D. Badges are issued (and photos taken) year-round during normal business hours: Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

I.D. Badges are processed at the offices of the South Orange Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs located at the Baird, 5 Mead Street, South Orange.

The South Orange Recreation photo I.D. Badge is designed to ensure all South Orange residents that they will have access to, and use of, the municipal recreational facilities and programs. Those persons without badges are either excluded from use (such as the pool and certain programs) or user fees are charged (tennis areas).

To obtain a current I.D. Badge (new or revalidated), you need to provide two forms of identification and proof of residency (name and address must appear on each form) from the following list:
- Valid drivers license
- Valid car registration
- Current telephone bill
- Current gas/electric bill
- Valid car insurance card
- Current water or disposal bill
- Current Cablevision bill

If you have any questions regarding the required documentation, please contact the Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs during business hours.

A parent must accompany all minor children. BIRTH CERTIFICATES ARE REQUIRED for all minors obtaining their I.D. Badge for the first time.

All members of the family requiring a photo must be present at the time of payment.

All adult children living (18 and older) in the parentís household must provide their own proof of residency.

New I.D. photos are required for all children under the age of 18 every 3rd year. All adults are asked to have photos taken every 5 years.

Purchase or renew your I.D. Badge early in the year to take advantage of lower fees and shorter lines. Membership fees are as follows:

  • January 1 through May 15- $30.00/person, $120/family maximum
  • After May 15- $35/person, $140/family maximum
For membership purposes, a FAMILY is defined as parents and dependent children living within the same household.


I.D. cards are to be kept by residents for year-to-year renewal. When renewing memberships, barcodes are reactivated on existing cards. When new photos are requested or required, old I.D. cards must be turned in to the Baird at time of renewal. If prior year I.D. cards cannot be produced, a $10/card replacement fee will be charged.

RENEW BY MAIL (Click here to download instructions and application) Residents who hold a South Orange Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs I.D. Badge from the prior year, with current photos, may apply to have their badge/s renewed by mail. To renew by mail, follow the instructions included with the attached application (link above). New residents, first-time badge holders and those needing badge replacements must obtain their Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs I.D. Badge in person at The Baird during normal business hours (listed above).

CHILD CARE BADGES (Click here to download affidavit)
A special Recreation I.D. Badge is available to employees hired by South Orange Residents for the care of their children. The employee and terms of employment must meet the following criteria:

Employment must be on a full time basis (minimum 5 days a week).
Employee must be 15 years of age or older.

The employer (resident) must certify that the employee meets the above criteria by completing an “Affidavit for Live-in, Live-out Employees” (click the link above).

The fee for the special badge is $75.00 for the calendar year. The badge is valid 7 days per week. When accessing the Community Pool, the employee must be accompanied by and caring for a minor of the employing family.


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