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Smart Growth Strategic Plan

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Intro PDF File (635 kb)
Plan Coordination and Planning Issues PDF File (191 kb)
Planning Context and History PDF File (959 kb)
Environmental Considerations PDF File (449 kb)
Evaluation of Existing Conditions PDF File (349 kb)
Goals & Objectives and Community Character PDF File (780 kb)
Historic Districts PDF File (422 kb)
Circulation, Open Space, and Capital Improvements PDF File (142 kb)
Stragic Action Plan and Appendix A PDF File (131 kb)
Full Plan PDF File (13.64 MB)

Historic Sites PDF (364 kb) Redevelopment Projects PDF (232 kb)
Regional context PDF (247 kb) Transit and Circulation Map PDF (862 kb)
Existing Land Use PDF (1.04 MB) The Green Map PDF (471 kb)
Irvington Ave Proposed Zoning PDF (154 kb) Zoning Downtown Detail PDF (277 kb)
Irving Avenue Poster PDF (273 kb) Regional Context PDF (108 kb)
Zoning and Redevelopment Districts PDF (339 kb) Valley Street Poster PDF (117 kb)
Parks and Recreation PDF (456 kb) Steep Slopes PDF (469 kb)

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