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Engineering Department

(973)378-7715 ext.7706

Edward Gulyas
Village Engineer Zoning Official

The Village Engineer's Office is responsible for the following: all municipal engineering and design, the preparation of plans and specifications for projects authorized by the Board of Trustees, and the preparation of preliminary designs and cost estimates for proposed improvements. The engineer prepares contracts, attends the opening of sealed bids, completes contracts with successful bidders, checks bonds and insurance policies, supervises construction progress and inspections, certifies estimates for payment. The Engineering Office is also in charge of municipal building repairs and improvements.

The Village Engineer is also the Zoning Officer. He reviews all matters that are to be heard by either the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Division of Zoning Enforcement

The Zoning Officer is the head of this division and is responsible for supervising all building activity and operations within the Village for the purpose of insuring compliance with Chapter 92 entitled "Land Development of the Code of the Township of South Orange Village."


• The Village is presently divided into twelve types of zones. These include:
• RA Residential - Single Family
• RB Residential - Two Family
• RC-1 Residential - Multi-Family/Office
• R-TH Residential - Townhouse
• RSC Residential - Sr. Citizen Housing
• PRD Planned Residential Development
• PRCA Planned Residential Cluster
• PRCB Planned Residential Cluster
• B-1 Primary Business
• B-2 Secondary Business
• B-3 General Business
• U University

Applications for variances from the zoning ordinance are heard by the Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment consists of seven members and two alternates, each of whom is appointed by the Board of Trustees for a term of four years. The Board conducts regularly scheduled hearings after public notice and depending upon the classification of relief sought, may approve or deny on application for a variance. The decision of the Board is usually final. However, any party aggrieved by the Board's action may file an appeal in civil court.


An official Planning Board was created by ordinance in 1960. In September 1976, the Township of South Orange Village adopted, by ordinance, the rules and regulations set forth in the Municipal Land Use Law. The Planning Board consists of nine members and two alternates. The members are designated by classes: Class I is the Village President whose term shall correspond with his official tenure; Class II is a Village official; Class III is a Village Trustee; Class IV members are residents of the Village and are appointed for four years. At least every six years, the Planning Board reexamines the Village's Master Plan and prepares a report on the findings of such reexamination. The Master Plan and the Zoning Ordinances regulate the development of the Village. The Planning Board also reviews and approves site plans and can grant variances other than use variances for properties.