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Traffic and pedestrian safety is the paramount concern for the Traffic Bureau of the South Orange Police Department. We are continually working to improve safety and address the increasing volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in our community. The Traffic Bureau is committed to residents’ concerns of traffic and parking violations in their neighborhoods. And, take proactive and corrective measures to solve problems promptly.

The Traffic Bureau supervisor, Sgt. Corrigan acts as a liaison to the US/NJ Highway Traffic Safety Administrations, AAA, NJ Department of Transportation, NJ State Police, NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, and the Essex County Traffic Officers’ Association by applying for and receiving grant funds from the above organizations. This grant money is used to subsidize traffic enforcement and education efforts of the bureau. These efforts include DWI roadblocks and roving patrols, motor vehicle inspection and pedestrian safety checkpoints, and participation in NJHTSA’s “Click It or Ticket” and “Over the Limit, Under Arrest” as well as training and educating officers in an ever advancing environment of traffic enforcement.
In addition, the Traffic Bureau works closely with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Vehicle Homicide Unit to investigate serious motor vehicle crashes. The bureau reviews all motor vehicle crash reports and maintains a data base of crashes to examine hazardous trends on our roadways and makes recommendations to the county and township’s engineers in an effort to remedy them.
Other responsibilities of the Traffic Bureau include:

  • Conduct traffic surveys
  • Conduct radar and  motor vehicle inspection details
  • Attend seminars and in-service training pertaining to the furtherance of traffic safety for the township
  • Receive requests and grant approvals for block parties
  • Receive general traffic complaints from residents and implement remedies
  • Submit “Work Requisitions” to the SO DPW regarding traffic calming solutions
  • Perform annual  tow truck inspections
    • Inspect tow company’s equipment and facilities
    • Ensure compliance with Township ordinance
    • Evaluate findings and make recommendations
    • Create yearly Tow Schedule
  • Impounds
    • Review reports
    • Notify owners
    • Contact state DMV for title.
  • Crossing Guards
    • Perform background investigation on guards
    • Make recommendations on hiring of potential guards
    • Monitor guards to ensure punctuality and job performance
    • Receive and investigate complaints concerning guards and their demeanor.
  • Accidents
    • Review reports
    • Record results in  computer program
    • Review accident result and make recommendations
  • Construction/  side jobs
    • Assist with the hiring of off duty officers
    • Attend pre- construction meeting
    • Make recommendation for traffic plan at meetings
    • Ensure compliance to traffic plan
    • Ensure contractors comply with the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices; limiting the town’s liability
  • Radar
    • Maintain and keep equipment certifications up to date
    • Ensure radar operators proficiency
    • Certify new radar operators
    • Record all radar summonses in database
    • Evaluate results
  • Grants
    • Complete and submit application to state and federal agencies
    • Issue memos and News Releases detailing the efforts of the SOPD during grants
    • Hire and supervise officers for grant details.
    • Submit final reports and cost expenditures to state agencies summarizing the department’s efforts during grants
  • Breathalyzer/ DWI
    • Maintain and keep equipment certifications up to date
    • Assign officers to Breathalyzer Operator  re- certification classes
    •  Assign officers to Standardized Field Sobriety Test training classes
    • Inform officers of change to case law pertaining to drunk driving
  • Special Events
    • Meet with  members of organizations sponsoring special events such as 5-K Runs, Walk-a-Thons, and Parades
    • Coordinate with organizers regarding “race” routes and traffic posts
    •  Issue memos regarding the placement of traffic posts, barricades, and “ No Parking” signs.
    • Hire and supervise officers during event
    • Submit cost expenditures for event

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