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The Township employs the service of three tow companies; who, on a rotating schedule, are available for police emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Essex County Towing
164 Valley st.
South Orange, NJ, 07079

R & R Towing
15 Lackawanna Pl
South Orange, NJ, 07079

C & L Towing
370 Lackawanna Pl
South Orange, NJ, 07079







All trucks, equipment and employees are subject and have passed an inspection or investigation prior to the township’s awarding of a license. All equipment used by a licensee in performing its obligation is maintained in good and safe condition and is inspected periodically throughout the year. All equipment used is operated by drivers who hold certifications from a tow truck operator’s training course.

Towing and storage charges:
The following rates apply to all vehicles towed from public and private property within the Township of South orange and to all vehicles which are stored, whether within or outside the township, when a tow originates with a police requested:

Light-duty vehicles: $75.00


Winching: $55.00

Medium-duty vehicles: $125.00


Transmission service: $20.00

Heavy-duty vehicles: $250.00


Waiting time: $45.00 per hour

Storage (per day or part thereof):


Rollover cars: $75.00

      Inside building: $35.00


Lockouts: $25.00 daytime; $35 after 6:00pm

      Outside building, secured $20.00


Yard charge: $40.00

      Outside building, unsecured $18.00


Administrative fee: $25.00

Unclaimed Vehicles:
Vehicles that lay unclaimed for a period of 20 days will be considered abandoned and in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 39: 10A-1; the South Orange Police will apply to the State Motor Vehicle Commission for an Abandonment Title and the vehicle will be sold at public auction. At any time prior to the public auction the vehicle may be claimed.
To secure a release, the owner of the vehicle must respond to Police Headquarters, 201 South Orange Ave, South Orange, NJ, with a valid Driver’s License, Valid Registration, and proof of insurance.



Numbers To Know
Police Dept
(973) 763-3000
(973) 763-3000 x7794
Records Room
(973) 763-3000 x7782
Community Relations
(973) 763-3000 x7783
Juvenile Bureau
(973) 763-3000 x7788
Municipal Court
(973) 762-2839