1. Leaf Blower
  2. South Orange Mignote flyer page 1

    New Affordable Housing Opportunity in South Orange

    One new 2-bedroom apartment available at 14 Second Street Read on...

    South Orange to introduce Commercial Cannabis Ordinances

    Zoning, licensing and taxation legislation to be introduced on January 10 and public presentation on February 14. Read on...
  4. joint fire services

    The South Orange and Maplewood Joint Exploratory Committee on Fire Services - Community Meeting

    Presentations, reports, video and news coverage related to fire merger. Read on...
  5. pine-trees
  6. Indoor Mask Requirement

    South Orange Mandates Wearing Masks Indoors

    VP Collum: South Orange Indoor Mask Mandate Goes into Effect Immediately Read on...
  7. installment plan
  8. So Orange Ave

    Traffic Alert - W So Orange Ave

    Essex County has announced emergency bridge repairs on West South Orange Avenue, near 1 SOPAC Way, beginning on or about Monday December 13. Read on...
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