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My Sense of Place
A community addendum to the exhibition, A Sense of Place: Kiki and Seton Smith

Sisters Kiki and Seton Smith return to the town they grew up in for a tribute exhibition of their distinguished artwork at Seton Hall’s Walsh Gallery in South Orange, NJ organized in collaboration with the Lennie Pierro Memorial Art Foundation. The show, A Sense of Place: Kiki and Seton Smith examines the question, “How does place irrevocably impact our sense of self?” Kiki Smith’s drawings and prints look to the natural world to understand the relationship between place and identity on a symbolic level. Seton’s large-scale photographs look to the built environment to convey associations by moving within and navigating through space.

This call for digital submissions asks, what is your sense of place?

•    Make a work of art, take photo of place that is truly yours, or write a few lines about your sense of place.

•    Take a digital photo of your submission

•    Email it to Subject line: My Sense of Place. Include your name and the title of your artwork in the body of the email.  

•    Deadline October 15, 2016

Selected images will be displayed in student/community pop-up galleries and at the Pierro Gallery

All images will be on view in an on-line exhibition.    

Some ideas to get you started:

1.    Consider the relationship between place and identity on a symbolic level.
2.    Explore the psychological and/or emotional issues that come into understanding the self and the manner in which place impacts a defining characteristic of identity.
3.    Where do you find your ‘own place’?
4.    What does it look like?
5.    Does it manifest itself in a real space?
6.    Is it more symbolic in representing their sense?
7.    How would you create a representation of your own place?

A Sense of Place: Kiki and Seton Smith
October 30-December 6, 2016
Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, New Jersey
Opening reception: Sunday, October 30, 1-4pm

My Sense of Place is a collaboration of the Pierro Foundation, Seton Hall University's Walsh Gallery, the Pierro Gallery, and the South Orange/Maplewood Public Schools. This outreach is in conjunction with the exhibition, A Sense of Place featuring works by Kiki and Seton Smith, produced by the Pierro Foundation at the Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University.

Call for ART: Text Me

Exhibition at the Pierro Gallery of South Orange, Wednesday, January 25 - Saturday, March 4, 2017

From the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt to the writing systems of today, the symbols that we use to communicate, artists also use to add depth and meaning to their work. How do artists use text and image to convey their ideas? How does text add meaning to a work of art? Co-curators Stephanie Damiano and Mahmoud Elbehairy, would like to find out.

Artists who use text in their work are invited to submit work in any medium.

No fee is required. Please submit the following by September 15, 2016 to

1.            Up to 5 digital images and/or video files to represent    your work.  
2.            Image Key sheet including:  artist name, title, medium, size, and date of creation.
3.     An artist’s statement.
3.            Biography and/or résumé with a link to your website or Facebook (if applicable).

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Stephanie Damiano and Mahmoud Elbehairy are Guest Curators in association with the M.A. program in Museum Professions at Seton Hall University.

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