Code Enforcement

The Division of Code Enforcement and Inspections enforces the provisions of the Village Codes of Property Maintenance and Housing Standards and such other codes as may be required to be enforced within the Village.  The Housing Code and Property Maintenance Code was adopted in 1965 and cover all buildings (commercial, as well as residential). Enforcement of these codes help prevent the deterioration of buildings throughout the Village. Proper occupancy standards of all buildings are maintained to preserve the residential atmosphere of the Village and the general welfare of the citizens.

The inspectors are responsible for inspecting, enforcing and prosecuting violations of the Village Property Maintenance and Housing Standards Code which articulates numerous residential standards for such matters as: water supply, facilities, storage and disposal of garbage and rubbish, lighting and electrical services, ventilation, egress, minimum floor area requirements, area requirements based on occupancy, ceiling height, sleeping areas, heat supply, maintenance of the exterior of a residence, including lawns and sidewalks.

The division is also responsible for inspections relating to issuing certificates of continued occupancy (for home sales) or habitability (for rentals).

Did you know that the Township of South Orange has the entire Village Code online?  Click here to check it out.