New Pet Ordinances

69-2 “Compliance Required” (By Ord., No. 15 - 01)

A.  Tethering
- It shall be unlawful for any person to tether, fasten, tie, or restrain an animal unless the tether is attached to the animal by non-choke type collar in a manner which the dog is able to move freely and prevents the tether from becoming entangled around the animal or object as to limit the dog’s freedom within the tethered area or to prevent the dog, or any of its appendages, from becoming entangled by the tether. Chains shall be prohibited for any and all uses of a tethering device.

B.  Animals left outdoors
- It shall be unlawful for any person to leave any animal outdoors and unattended for a continuous period of time without water and a suitable shelter (doghouse).  If the National Weather Service has issued weather alerts or storm warnings; no animal shall be left outside during snow storms, ice storms or thunder storms. The animal shall be considered outside regardless of access to an outdoor doghouse or similar structure, unless such structure is a properly functioning climate-controlled and weather-resistant structure.

 69-21 “Seizure and Impoundment of Animals” (By Ord., No. 15 – 02)

I.  Animals in cars/prolonged confinement
- No animal shall be left unattended, or without an adult in a parked or standing vehicle or enclosed trailer for a period of fifteen (15) or more minutes

No animal shall be subjected to unnecessary suffering or cruelty such as subjecting the animal to prolonged confinement, fear, injury, pain or physical abuse. Interaction with humans and other animals shall not be unreasonably withheld. No owner caretaker, guardian or handler shall fail to provide his or her animal with sufficient edible food and potable drinking water on a daily basis. Food and water must be in an animal food consumption or water consumption type container, feeder or waterer.