Capital Projects and Redevelopment 

Capital Projects

Baird Community Center

Common Use: Construction updates for the Baird Community Center

Irvington Avenue Streetscape Project

Common Use: This project is being managed by Essex County as part of a grant that was submitted to the County in 2005.

South Orange Public Library

Common Use: 

South Orange River Greenway

Common Use: 

South Orange Village - Roads Repaving

Common Use: Construction updates for annual road paving.

Development Projects

109 South Orange Avenue

Developer: Ed Ayusso
Common Name: The Learning Express
Use: Commercial
2 Stories

Valley Street & Lackawanna Place 

Common Name: Valley/Lackawanna Storage Redevelopment
Use: Commercial
4 Stories

14 Second Street 

Developer: The Y Group
Common Name: The Mignote
Mixed Use
4 Stories, 8 Units

270 & 299 Irvington Avenue 

Common Name:
Use: Mixed
Stories, Units

52-62 Vose Ave & Taylor Place 

Developer: Hub Realty
Common Name: Vose + Taylor Redevelopment
Use: Mixed
5 Stories, 110 Units

Fourth & Valley

Developer: Meridia
Common Name: Fourth & Valley
Use: Mixed
5 Floors, 106 Units

8 Second Street & Sloan Ave.

Developer: Markbuilt
Common Name: Second Street Redevelopment
Use: Mixed
5 Floors, 40 Units

184 Valley Street 

Developer: Amelia Cruz-Holder
Common Name: TBD
Use: Mixed
3 floors, 2 units

Completed Projects

Archive of completed projects: Link to the Page