Drop It In The Box Press Release

Drop It In The Box Starting August 6th, 2019

South Orange, NJ (July 30, 2019) Prescription drug abuse is a nationwide epidemic striking people from all walks of life. In response the South Orange Police Department and Board of Trustees are teaming up with the Essex County Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT) to help everyone in South Orange be a part of the solution by properly disposing of unused medications simply by dropping it in the box. In this case, the box is a secure lock box found in the recently renovated lobby of South Orange Police Headquarters at 201 South Orange Avenue.

“We are happy to be able to offer this service to the community because unused and expired prescription medications, like Vicodin and Oxycodone, can find their way from someone’s medicine cabinet back out onto the street. Having this safe, secure alternative for drug disposal will make South Orange and surrounding towns that much safer by limiting that supply” said South Orange Police Chief Kyle Kroll. Village Trustee, Walter Clarke, added “Unfortunately the other common tactic for disposal is to flush the prescription medications down the drain but that releases drugs into the wider water system where they can’t all be filtered out by waste treatment plants. Dropping meds in the box really is the best way to go.”

Donna Coallier, Village Trustee and chairperson of the Health and Public Safety committee, applauded the ADAPT program for collaborating with South Orange. “Essex County ADAPT was willing to purchase and donate the drop box and gave us guidance on how to set up the program with our local Police Department. The end result will be a healthier and safer South Orange.”

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Tuesday August 6th at 12 noon at the South Orange Police Headquarters to commemorate the opening. For more specific information on this initiative go to the South Orange Village website at http://www.southorange.org/dropbox.