SO Healthy


South Orange, South Orange Village Center Alliance, and Seton Hall are partnering to launch the 2020 SO Healthy Campaign.

Our Q1 SO Healthy Campaign seeks to encourage healthy habits throughout our community. Habits that will persist and serve to optimize our health and wellbeing for the rest of our lives. Prizes and recognition will be awarded for creative and successful posts, and for community groups that demonstrate outstanding progress. 

 How to Participate in our Q1 SO Healthy Campaign:

 Form a “community group” of local friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or other affinity group and jump into your Q1 healthy activities.

  1. Post healthy individual or group photos to Facebook or Instagram. Include the hashtag #SOHealthySelfie, another that identifies their self-identified subcommunity (e.g., #setonvillage, #sovillagehall, #SHUfinancedepartment, #sofiredepartment, #firstbaptistchurch, #somagirlscouts, #orangevalleyarts, etc.) and that of our sponsors #AtlanticHealth and #VillageFamilyMedicine. Be sure to also tag a South Orange business if they were part of your SOHealthySelfie activity.

  2. Visit the SO Healthy Idea Board on Facebook to brainstorm healthy activities, celebrate your successes, and to keep an  eye on the competition. 

  3. Follow SOVCA @sovillagecenter on Facebook or Instagram to enter to win prizes for creative and widely viewed social media posts.

  4. Demonstrate and publicize outstanding progress over the quarter that we can recognize in a proclamation at an upcoming Village Trustee meeting.

Good luck, and let the games begin!