Community Care and Justice

South Orange is partnering with Essex County and Seton Hall University to create and launch the Community Care & Justice Program. The CC&J mission: to engage South Orange community members in designing and traveling their own wellness journeys, with a particular focus on protecting and elevating our most vulnerable members and our youth. 

What does that mean, practically speaking? We are doing a needs assessment first to tell us where to focus, but CC&J might include programs like 911 Diversion, Restorative Practice Councils, dialogue on How To Be An Anti-Racist, Community & First Responder Mental Health Awareness Training and more.

CC&J is designed to be community driven, and so we need your help! 

Click here to volunteer to complete our survey, share your thoughts in a focus group, or lend your skills to the team. We need clerical, program management, and audio-visual editing. And please spread the word. Everybody belongs here - together let's make sure they feel it.