Black History Month 2023 - Website Header

South Orange Village is honored to celebrate Black History Month with the South Orange Community. This year's national theme is Black Resistance in The Past, Present, and Future.  The national theme is selected by the Association for the Study of African America Life and History. (ASALH)

As we are working to celebrate Black History Month under unusual circumstances, South Orange is collaborating with a number of community organizations on a broad array of programming. These events are designed for all of our residents to help them learn, connect, and celebrate Black History Month. Community partners have offered their expertise and support to help develop this diverse event calendar.

Thank you to the numerous residents who volunteered their time to kick off this project with the hope that it will expand and deepen as the years' progress.

BHM2023 Children
BHM2023 Panel Discussions
Erasing Essex Borders 2023 IG
SOD BHM 2023
SLADE A Family Affair BHM 23

Other Local Black History Month Events

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