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Posted on: September 2, 2021

Peak Season for Hurricanes Starts in Mid-August in New Jersey

Hurricane Prep

Some simple tasks can help protect you, your loved ones and your property

Though the national hurricane season normally runs each year from June 1 through November 30, the peak potential for hurricane and tropical storm activity in New Jersey runs from mid-August to the end of October.  Please consider these tips to help keep you and your family safe and your home secure in case of a potential hurricane.  

During an emergency, the government and other agencies may not be able to meet your needs. It is important for all residents to make their own emergency plans and prepare for their own care and safety in an emergency.

  • Prepare a Disaster Supply Kit – Your includes items that will help you stay self-sufficient for up to three days if needed such as, canned food, bottled water, first-aid kit, battery operated flashlight and radio, blanket, and manual can opener.
  • Make a Plan – Your plan includes evacuation plans, a place to reunite with loved ones, and an out-of-state contact person. 
  • Make Plans to Protect Your Property – Some easy, but crucial, steps can be taken to safeguard your property in the event of a weather disaster.  Simple tasks such as cleaning your gutters out, trimming trees and shrubs and installing storm shutters can go a long way in minimizing property damage.
  • Sign Up for Local Alerts – It’s important to stay informed during an emergency.  All residents are encouraged to sign up for the Village’s SO Alert emergency notification system.

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management has published a Hurricane Survival Guide to go more in-depth for hurricane planning.

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