Traffic Studies

Traffic Study

Traffic studies are crucial for police departments to maintain public safety and efficient traffic flow. They help gather data on traffic patterns, volume, and potential safety hazards. Conducting these studies allows the police department to:

1. Identify Problem Areas: Pinpoint intersections or roads prone to accidents, congestion, or speeding. This information guides the allocation of resources to areas that need attention the most.
2. Develop Safety Measures: With data gathered, information can be forwarded to engineering who can implement measures like signage or traffic calming measures to enhance safety and reduce accidents.
3. Optimize Traffic Flow: By understanding peak traffic times and areas of congestion.
4. Assess Effectiveness: Studies help evaluate the effectiveness of implemented measures. Ongoing assessments enable adjustments for continuous improvement.
5. At the completion of traffic studies, all collected data is forwarded to the proper authority for consideration of further action.

For South Orange, considering its residential nature understanding local traffic patterns is crucial for ensuring resident's, safety and maintaining quality of life. The police department plays a vital role in conducting or supporting these studies to uphold public safety on local roads.

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2023 Traffic Studies

NB = Northbound
SB = Southbound
AVG = Average