Seasonal Information

Leaf Removal 

To view the current South Orange Leaf Map go to SO Community Map and select Leaf Map from the left column. 
For County Road Leaf Collection Schedule Questions Please Call (973) 239-3366 

This year's leaf removal season can be found in the Toter Schedule.  Leaves should be piled no more than four feet from the curb, and must not extend into traffic lanes. Leaves left in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  1. Leaves can be raked into gutters during leaf season only. Any rake out after this time will be in violation of municipal ordinances and the leaves will not be picked up.
  2. During leaf pick-up season, no debris other than leaves are permitted in the streets and will not be picked up. Improper placements could prevent leaf pick-ups.
  3. Evenly distributed leaves are easier to pick up with the leaf vacuum collector. Residents are asked to avoid creating leaf mounds since they attract children who are then subjected to traffic dangers. Mounds also create potential fire hazards and may interfere with traffic. Leaf piles should not extend more than four feet from the curb. Do not place leaves within 10 feet of storm catch basins.
  4. Leaf pick-up cycles in South Orange are estimated at eleven days, depending upon the rake-out volume. To reduce clutter between collections, residents are asked to approximate upcoming pick-up days and rake out accordingly.
Spring Cleaning 

Do you still have leftover leaves and branches in your yard? The schedule for the township's curbside pickups can be found in the March/April issue of the Gaslight. There will be no additional pickups before or after the dates listed.  Follow the guidelines below to avoid being charged with a violation of the Municipal Housing Code. 

  • Branches: Be sure to only leave branches under 4 inches in diameter and no roots or stumps. Put them in the grass strip between the curb and the sidewalk and not in the street or on the sidewalks. If you don’t have a sidewalk, just place the branches on the grass just beyond your curb. In addition, tie any branches 2 inches or under into bundles using cord or twine. 
  • Leaves: Place your leaves, yard clippings, and garden rakings in brown biodegradable paper bags (no plastic) between your sidewalk and curb -- not on the sidewalk or in the street. Also, unlike in the fall, you can’t rake your leaves loosely into a pile in the street. 
  • Grass Clippings: Put your grass clippings in plastic bags only from April 1 to Nov. 1. South Orange Disposal will pick them up from your curb on the second garbage collection day each week, but there is a two-bag limit. Also, bags cannot weigh more than 30 pounds. 
Snow Removal 

Snow removal will begin in the Village when three or more inches of snow have fallen on Village streets. Public Works vehicles will make four passes on each street -- two down the center and one near each curb. Depending on the volume of snow, roadways will be plowed more than once.  

Residents are asked to heed the following guidelines:

  • Park vehicles in driveways during snowfall to allow easier access to plow curb to curb. If you park on a street you are expected to clear the area around your vehicle.
  • Delay driveway shoveling until after streets are cleaned (to avoid violation of township ordinance). 
  • Avoid shoveling or blowing snow into the street (to prevent violation of township ordinance). 
  • Tell private contractors not to pile snow in roadways. 
  • Park your car to avoid protruding into the roadway or blocking the sidewalk. 
  • Always shovel sidewalks within 12 hours of daylight after a snowfall. 
  • Important: Walkway and driveway shoveling allow emergency services to access homes in the event of a fire, illness, or public safety emergency. 
  • Salting of roadways will begin prior to snow plowing.