Public Works

South Orange Village’s Department of Public Works is a dedicated professional team maintaining the Village’s infrastructure; including municipal grounds and buildings, parks, street signs, roadways, sewers, and municipal owned trees, as well as recycling at 300 Walton Avenue.  


Recycling uses less energy, creating fewer toxins and reducing our carbon footprint. South Orange has curbside recycling pickup for residents as well as the option to bring various pre-sorted recyclables to the DPW Recycling Center at 300 Walton Avenue.

2023 Recycling Schedule

    Recycling Notices

  • Dual Stream Recycling 
    South Orange is changed to dual stream recycling in January 2023. Recyclable materials need to be separated into two categories for two distinct pickups on alternating weeks. The revised system is in response to changes in the recycling markets which have driven costs up at the same time as concerns about the rate of recycling have also increased. This more environmentally sustainable practice also helps manage costs - by separating commingled plastic, metal, and glass from paper and cardboard and alternating pickup weekly, we can decrease the contamination of both streams, making them more recyclable and marketable. Find Details Here.
  • Hazardous Materials
    Lithium Batteries are not recyclable and pose a fire hazard when improperly disposed of. These batteries are typically found in cell phones and other electronic devices. Please ensure you use appropriate disposal methods- electronic waste, hazardous waste, or company return programs to safely discard these items.  
  • Disposal 
    As a reminder to residents recycling placed in plastic bags cannot be collected. Objects such as garden hoses, appliances, batteries, hazardous waste etc., are also not recyclable. Residents that fail to comply will have their pickups rejected by our hauler, and potentially generate fees for the Township. Toters are available, see order form on this page.


There are 42 miles of roadway maintained by the DPW in addition to four county roads that run through the community.


The Sewer division of the department is responsible for managing 51 miles of sanitary sewers and 28 miles of storm sewers. Additionally there are also 1,050 catch basins maintained by the department.

Shade Tree/Compost 

The Shade Tree Division is responsible for trimming, removing, planting and caring for 7,000 shade trees in the public right of way and public parks. There is also approximately 75 acres of parkland maintained by the Department of Public Works.

Seasonal Information 

The DPW organizes seasonal collections of leaves and branches for our residents throughout the year. The department also responds to inclement weather conditions by salting, plowing, and clearing debris. 

Prepare for the winter season by reviewing snow removal guidelines Seasonal Information.


Christmas tree pickups will begin the first full week of January, after the holiday season. Trees must be free of ornaments, lighting, decorations, plastic wrap or tree stands.  Please place the tree curb side out of the street.   No wreaths or other holiday decorations will be collected.

Recycling Depot Hours for Resident Access


Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:00a-3:30pm
Saturdays 8am-12pm (Noon)

Residents may also make use of the curbside recycling program for collection of recyclable materials. Please view the guidelines here for a list of acceptable materials.
If you need to order a Toter (recycling) container, an electronic order form is located on this page and no contact delivery will be provided.  

CALL (973) 378-7741 ext. 1 with inquires, leave a voicemail for a call to be returned to you.