Public Works

The Township of South Orange Village’s Department of Public Works are a professionally dedicated team supporting the Township’s infrastructure, maintenance, and repairs of all Township roadway, municipal grounds and buildings, parks, recycling, street signs, sewers, and municipal owned trees.  The Department under Director Tom Michetti, is dedicated to making effective use of Township resources to provide the community with an enhanced quality of living, partnering with the Engineering and Police Departments to ensuring a safe and well maintained environment that residents can be proud to call home. The DPW is committed to quality assurance when addressing resident concerns and continues to make strides in partnering with the community.
Recycling Depot Hours for Resident Access

Tuesday & Thursday 8am-4pm

Saturday 8am-12pm

Current Events & News Bulletins

China's Enforcement of Recycling 

Enforcement to ensure only acceptable recyclable materials are being placed in Toters will be more stringently screened as China implements the National Sword Program.  Food waste will not be tolerated as it will financially impact processors, the Township, and residents.  Please refer to the tab "China's Nation Sword" at the top left of this page for information on China's regulations, what consists of unacceptable materials to put in your recycling Toter, and what the penalties are for not following procedures.  

Recycling laws will be strictly enforced by the recycling collector Giordano. Contamination of recycling will not be tolerated,  all items being recycled need to be cleaned of any food waste. Under no circumstance will Giordano collect recycling in plastic bags.  The Township has used single stream recycle processing for several years allowing all recyclable materials to be placed directly into the Toter recycling container for collection.  Processors are very strict due to new laws and penalties being imposed by China which will effect costs for the Township if not abided by. 
Recycling Notice ​


Recycling Collection Thanksgiving Week
The week of Thanksgiving recycling collection will take place Saturday, November 24th.  All residents should place their recycling Toter containers curbside the evening before the pickup after 5pm to ensure they do not miss the collection.  

As a reminder to residents plastic bags are not to be placed in recycling Toters due to recycling regulations.  This includes foreign objects such as garden hoses, appliances, batteries, hazardous waste etc.  Residents that fail to comply will have their pickups rejected by our processor and generate fees for the Township.​

Leaf Season
Leaf Season will commence on October 22nd, 2018 and continue through December 5th, 2018. 

Residents must use the South Orange Leaf Map located at under SO Community Map, selecting Leaf Map from the left column. Please follow the map to determine when it is appropriate to rake leaves out at your address.  Zones are authorized to rake leaves out when they are shown in green on the Leaf Map, when they are red in color do not rake out until the zone reflects green again.   

Residents on County Roadways must contact Essex County for their leaf pickup schedule at (973) 239-3366. 

Please view all regulations regarding Leaf Season on the Seasonal Information tab at the top left of this page.

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