Shade Tree

The DPW Shade Tree Division is responsible for planting, trimming, removing, and caring for the 6,000+ shade trees in the right of way along our 46 miles of streets and approximately 75 acres of public parks.

Municipal Trees

Our Shade Tree team has embarked on a multi-year canopy restoration initiative to make up for recent tree losses to storms, pests, and disease by increasing the number and variety of species planted as a hedge against future climate, disease, storm water, and pest problems. Ideal street tree species must be large enough to branch out above vehicle and pedestrian traffic when fully grown but not be so large that they cannot prosper in the limited space allowed them. The majority must be native species adapted to our climate, salt tolerant, non-fruit bearing, and able to withstand both drought and flood.

Help us maintain our urban forest. Contact the Department of Public Works for municipal street tree planting, pruning and elevation, and stump grinding requests. We’ll put your location in our database. Call Public Works: 973-378-7741 x 1, or email

Trees on Private Property

Trees on private property are the responsibility of the private property owner. Public Works does not maintain trees on private property.