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Curbside Recycling is Dual Stream

South Orange changed to dual stream recycling in January 2023. Recyclable materials must be separated into two categories for two distinct pickups on alternating weeks. One week’s pickup is exclusively for "Fibers" (cardboard, paper, newspaper) and the following week’s pickup will be for "Commingled" (plastic, glass, and metal containers). See the Guide below for details and week by week schedule. The revised system is in response to changes in the recycling markets which have driven costs up at the same time as concerns about the recycling rate have also increased. By separating commingled plastic, metal, and glass from paper and cardboard and alternating pickup weekly, we can decrease the contamination of both streams, making each more recyclable and more marketable.

Curbside collection is contracted for with a third party vendor. Missed pickups, questions and concerns should be directed to F. Basso Jr. Rubbish Removal: 973.483-1671. This is a message service only which triggers automatic next-day pickup of missed recycling when reported by 6am of the following day. Residents will not receive a return call. See more details on reporting a missed pickup here. 

2024 Guidelines and Schedule
Dual Stream FAQs

Recycling Containers-Toters

Custom Toter brand recycling containers* are available for purchase from the Village in 96 Gallon and 48 Gallon sizes. These feature clam-shell tops, rear wheels, and rugged construction. They are delivered to your address by the DPW when in stock.

Toter order form

Size                      LxDxH                                        Load Rating                     Price
96-Gallon             35-1/2” X 29-3/4” X 43-1/4”         335 lbs/151.9 kg               $70
48-Gallon             28-3/4” X 23-1/2” X 37-1/2”         168 lbs/76.3 kg                 $60


Please note: Toters are ordered semi-annually by the Village to get a volume discount and save on shipping which means you pay less but may have a potential wait time of several months before delivery if we do not presently have your quantity in our inventory.

*Custom South Orange Toters are not required for your recycling to be picked up. Any weather proof container, marked for recycling, can be used.

Recycle Coach Application

Using this free app, you can get customizable recycling reminders and information beyond curbside recycling options, right on your phone. Download the Recycle Coach App at the bottom of this page, sign up here, or wherever you obtain apps.