Irvington Avenue Streetscape Improvements

Irvington Avenue Streetscape Improvements

In July 2019, Essex County passed a resolution dedicated to pedestrian improvements along the Irvington Avenue corridor in South Orange, Maplewood, Newark, and Irvington.  These improvements were originally submitted and awarded under a grant to focus on pedestrian safety and to modernize the overall community.  We originally noticed the community in 2020 but due to factors surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the project had been delayed. 

  • How does this affect South Orange?

    • South Orange has 3 intersections along Irvington Avenue that will be affected.  Those are:
      • College Place/Waverly Place - Est. May 18th - June 1st  
      • Fairview Avenue/West Fairview Avenue - Est. April 26th - May 18th  
      • Tichenor Ave./Riggs Place - Est. April 11th - April 26th 
  • What is being done?

    • Essex County will be removing the old curbs and crosswalks and updating crosswalks, installing expanded ADA Accessible curbs, and repaving. Where applicable, trash receptacles, bike racks, and lighting will be added. 
  • How does this affect residents or local businesses?

    • Essex County plans to keep the impacted roadways open throughout the construction. There may be periods of time, however, when certain driveways may be inaccessible. This inconvenience will be temporary and will be controlled to the extent that it can be. 
  • Are the dates solid?

    • The dates are estimated.  Due to factors surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the dates have shifted.  Some of those factors are the shutdown of construction companies and suppliers, material delays, and weather.
  • Is there a plan?

    • Yes.  You can view the South Orange portion of the plan here!
    • For a full plan, please consult the Essex County plan.
  • How are residents and businesses notified?

    • Essex County has noticed all residents and businesses that are affected.  An example of what was sent can be found here!
  • What if I have questions?

    • Questions regarding this project can be directed to Asif U. Mahmood, Principal Engineer at (973) 226-8500 Extension 2560

What about Ward Place, Prospect Avenue, and other parts of Irvington Avenue in South Orange?

The Health & Public Safety Committee along with our Village Engineer has been working with Essex County to look at several of these intersections.  In order to move these request through the proper channels, we have passed resolutions that are then submitted to Essex County for consideration:

Ward Place & Irvington Avenue

Resolution #2020-199/August 24, 2020

Cottage Street & Irvington Avenue

Resolution #2020-105/May 11, 2020

Prospect Street & Irvington Avenue

Requested setup between Essex County and Jespy House