South Orange Village - Roads Repaving

Project Summary

The milling and re-surfacing of the roadway pavement on the following street is underway. In priority order, the roads to be re-surfaced are: 

  • Grove Road (estimated cost $600,000 current NJDOT Grant $300,000)
  • Stone Hill Road (curbs & paving)
  • Connett Place (curbs & paving)
  • Kingman Road (paving only)
  • W. Montrose Ave. (paving only)
  • West Fairview Ave (curbs & paving only)

Schedule & Updates

The work will started on Grove Road in May with the milling of the existing pavement surface. Once the milling is done the paving of the road will commence. The work will then move to the next street.

Project Manager / Contact 

For more information, contact the Village Engineer, Sal Renda @
973-378-7715 Ext. 7706

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