Curbside Residential Recycling

South Orange’s curbside single-stream recycling pick up for residents is currently provided by the Giordano Recycling Company. Contact Giordano at or call 1-800-216-2250 ext. 2 with questions or concerns.

For a list of acceptable and unacceptable recycling materials see this Curbside Recycling Guide 

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2020 Collection Schedule

Please Note: June 2018
The recycling industry has recently undergone serious market changes that are effecting curbside single stream collection nation-wide as well as here in South Orange. As a result stricter quality/contamination standards on any recycling product have been put in place and are being enforced by Giordano at the point of pick up. If unacceptable materials are found in your toter it will not be picked up by the hauler. Toters left curbside with unacceptable materials will be tagged by the recycling hauler with a sticker marked “Oops!” and an explanation of why the load was refused.
If your toter is refused please remove the unacceptable materials from the toter and dispose of in regular trash. Remaining recyclables can be taken to the Department of Public Works at 300 Walton Ave. on Tuesday, Thursdays, from 7am-3:30pm or Saturday 8am-12pm or you can simply store the recyclables in another container until the next scheduled curbside pick up. Use a weather proof container like another toter, garbage can, or plastic tub with lid. If you use a garbage can please mark it as recyclables when putting it out to the curb. Do not put plastic bags containing recyclables out at the curb or put plastic bags in with any recyclables.

Recycling at the Dept. of Public Works Recycling Center

The law requires that everyone recycle either curbside by using the TOTER system or by bringing acceptable materials to the DPW Recycling Center. The DPW also provides recycling services for materials beyond those of curbside recycling. See Additional Services below. Please be advised this is not a facility for trash disposal. Please obey the rules and regulations.  

Hours and Access: The Recycling Center is open Tuesday and Thursday from 7AM to 3:30PM and Saturday from 8AM to 12 Noon. You must arrive to the Recycling Center early enough to exit the gates prior to closing time.
The Recycling Center is closed on holidays.  Villagers will be required to provide proof of residency to enter the facility and no commercial vehicles/ rental trucks (U-Haul’s) will be permitted. 
Acceptable Materials
All materials accepted curbside are also accepted at the DPW Recycling Center provided they are pre-sorted. Other materials are accepted on certain days, see Additional Services below.
Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated boxes and cartons must be flattened and tied securely with cord for one person handling.  Villagers with proof of residency may bring the bundled boxes into the Recycling Center.

Additional Services

Used Clothing Shed: The DPW facility has a used clothing shed onsite for acceptable materials to be disposed of.  

Bulk Items/ Metals/ Household Appliances – PICKUP APPOINTMENTS: The Township provides a curbside pickup service for unwanted household items or metal appliances at a $75 fee per stop. Residents may bring metal appliances and all-metal items to the Public Works Yard during regular operating hours. Any additional bulk items such as sofas, mattresses, carpeting, and furniture may be brought to the Public Works Yard only on container days if a pickup is not scheduled.
Please call 973-378-7741 ext. 1 if you would like to schedule a pickup.

Container Days: South Orange residents are welcome to drop off household bulk items at the Public Works facility. Proof of residency is required and no commercial vehicles (U-Haul's/ Home Depot rental vans) are permitted on the property. Electronics, construction material, and hazardous waste will not be accepted at these events.
 May 16 / June 27 / July 25 / Aug. 29 / Sept. 26
Paper Shredding Days:
8 a.m. – 12 noon
Saturday, June 20
Saturday, Sept. 19
Electronics Recycling Schedule: 
8 a.m.- 12 noon
May 2nd- South Orange
November 21st- South Orange

Please note the Maplewood Department of Public Works welcomes South Orange residents to use their facility year round, strictly for the disposal of electronic waste.  Please reference Maplewood's hours of operations.
Please review acceptable electronics recycling materials here.


South Orange Public Works                     Maplewood Public Works
300 Walton Avenue                                  357 Boyden Avenue
(973) 378-7741                                         (973)762-1175